Fly Control

Fly and larvae control is an important part in managing your flock. With our spray-on products we can help you to prevent 'flystrike' from having a devastating impact, while offering excellent protection to your flock.

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Fleecejet™ Blowfly and Lice Jetting Fluid

For the treatment of, and protection against, blowfly strike on sheep for up to 12 weeks under low to moderate fly pressure and treatment of biting lice by jetting in long woolled sheep.

Covine Snap™ Spray-On Sheep Blowfly Treatment

For the protection of sheep, either off-shears or with any length wool, against fly strike (Lucilia cuprina) for 18 to 24 weeks. For the protection of mulesing and marking wounds on sheep against fly strike (Lucilia cuprina) during the wound healing process.

Covine Clipshield® Liquid Blowfly Treatment for Sheep

Protects long wool sheep for up to 14 weeks from strike by blowfly (Lucilia cuprina), including organophosphate resistant strains when applied by jetting or dipping

Covine Clipshield® Spray-On Blowfly Treatment for Sheep

Will protect long wool sheep against fly strike for eleven weeks when used as directed