Lice Control

The interaction between different classes of stock, including ewes and lambs, can make effective lice control a complicated process. Our pour-on, dip and spray-on options for lice control offer you peace of mind that your flock is protected.

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Covine Equaliser Sheep Dip 20L

For the control of Temephos susceptible Body Lice (Bovicola ovis) (Including synthetic pyrethroid resistant strains) on wet or dry short wool sheep by Plunge or Shower Dipping.

Fleecejet™ Blowfly and Lice Jetting Fluid

For the treatment of, and protection against, blowfly strike on sheep for up to 12 weeks under low to moderate fly pressure and treatment of biting lice by jetting in long woolled sheep.

Covine Karma® Pour-On Lousicide for Sheep

Karma Pour-On is for the control of neonicotinoid susceptible sheep body lice Bovicola ovis in sheep off-shears (within 7 days of shearing) and unshorn lambs up to 2 months of age.